Achieving the Arbitration Dream: Liber Amicorum for Professor Julian D.M. Lew KC

Achieving the Arbitration Dream is a compendium of high-quality contributions providing valuable perspectives and extensive analyses by preeminent arbitration professionals and scholars on a wide range of cutting-edge topics in the field of law, of which Julian Lew is a leader, and in which he remains an outstanding arbitrator and teacher. This exceptional book is a celebration of the multi-faceted legacy of a key figure in the evolution of international arbitration.

Lew’s profound influence on the understanding of arbitration as an autonomous and international field of practice has inspired more than forty eminent contributors to address the main trends shaping the ever-evolving arbitration system. The chapters furnish insightful commentary on various topics compiled under the following headings:

  • applicable law;
  • evidence and procedure;
  • jurisdiction and substantive issues;
  • the arbitrators’ role;
  • the seat; and
  • third-party funders.

You can access our Board Member Prof. Yeşilırmak's contribution titled "Transparency and Stakeholders’ Role in the Selection of the Arbitral Tribunal" in Chapter 26 of this book.

Last Update: 09/07/2021 14:26

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