About Us

The Turkish Arbitration Academy was established with the "Arbitration Academy Cooperation Protocol" signed between the Administrative Affairs Directorate of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Ibn Haldun University and Istanbul Commerce University on 05.04.2021. The Academy will create and enhance the arbitration culture, provide arbitration training for individuals, who desire to conduct qualified research in the field of arbitration, conduct scientific research, organize events such as symposiums, conferences and workshops, cooperate with other national and international institutions and organizations and engage in other activities necessary for the development of arbitration in general.


The mission of the Turkish Arbitration Academy is to develop arbitration in Turkey by conducting qualified scientific research in the field of arbitration and encourage such research, providing scientific resources to practitioners and researchers, conduct various types of arbitration training, organize events such as national and international symposiums, conferences and workshops and establish national and international cooperations.


The vision of the Turkish Arbitration Academy is to contribute to the development of arbitration in Turkey by enhancing the arbitration culture, raising awareness in this field and qualified human resources and carry out activities that will serve Turkey to become an international arbitration hub.

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