I. International Arbitration Summer School Was Held In Baku

I. International Arbitration Summer School was successfully held with the support of Turkish Arbitration Academy, Ibn Haldun University, Baku State University,  Organisation of Turkic States and Heydar Aliyev Center for Eurasian Studies.

Lawyers, academics and judges from Turkic states took part in the international summer school held in Baku between 26-30 June.

In the programme, all subjects of arbitration were conveyed to the participants at the level of theory and practice. The trainings within the scope of the programme were given by international arbitration experts from various countries. 

The training started with Prof. Dr. Ali Yeşilırmak's explanations on the place and importance of arbitration in dispute resolution methods. Prof. Yeşilırmak explained the problems that may arise especially in the appointment of arbitrators through his own experiences and international practice. 

Prof. Dr. Doğan Gültutan explained the issues such as confidentiality, interim legal protection and multilateral arbitration based on his international experience.

Att. Turgut Aycan Özcan demonstrated how to prepare for the hearings and the issues to be considered during the hearings based on his experience.

Mr. Ömer Faruk Kafalı explained what arbitral awards are and their characteristics to the participants and touched upon the discussions on the arbitral awards encountered in practice and examined the arbitral awards in practice with the participants.

Dr. Serhat Eskiyörük explained the most important issues that party counsels should pay attention to in arbitration proceedings. Dr. Eskiyörük also discussed the issues that cause the annulment of arbitral awards with examples.

Dr. Najiba Mustafayeva discussed the important issues in the resolution of disputes between investors and the state and the resolution of disputes between states through arbitration.

Att. Toghrul Guluzada discussed the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards under the New York Convention in a broad framework. Based on his international experience, Mr. Toghrul underlined what kind of enforcement obstacles are encountered in different countries and what the attorneys of the parties should pay attention to and demonstrated practically through examples. 

Through practical case analyses and interactive sessions, the participants were able to assimilate the topics and improve their arbitration skills.


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